Blip requires a specific format for the input file. Please follow the following guidelines, and if a job happens to fail, please check whether the problem is in the format.

• Format for the data file (Jobs: PSE)

The job of Parent Set Exploration requires a file containing the raw data, in the form of a list of discrete values for each variable.

Look at this sample data, generated from Asia network.

First line: number of variables ;
Second line: list of variables names, separated by space;
Third line: list of variables cardinalities, separated by space;
Fourth line: number of datapoints, separated by space;
Fifth untile the end: list of values taken by the variables in each datapoint, separated by space.

• Format for the scores file (Jobs: STD, TW)

Usually this file comes from the PSE job, but you can always produce it with an external software.

If you wish to do so, look at this sample file, generated from the previous dataset.